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Meet Dr Matthew Francis, Chiropractor

Dr Matthew Francis
Dr Matt grew up in Perth with his family consisting of two siblings and, of course, the additional child – the dog! Although competing in almost any sport he could sign up for, a stiff neck and headaches from excessive studying landed Dr Matt at a chiropractor, and this just so happened to be Dr Ryan!

Getting on the Chiropractic Path

I always knew I wanted to help people, but with Ryan’s gentle mentoring and a few words of advice, I soon found myself enrolled at Murdoch University after finishing year 12.”

Following a grueling five years of study, Dr Matt graduated in 2022. He worked north of the river, focusing on a more sports-dominated role as a chiropractor.

“However, I am now fortunate enough to work with the person who helped me choose the profession I love.”

Offering Many Techniques & Therapies

Dr Matt addresses neck and back pain, headaches, muscle discomfort, and overall or sports-related rehabilitation. By taking a comprehensive approach that includes chiropractic adjustments, education, rehabilitation, exercise, and co-management when required, he is dedicated to assisting patients in achieving their health objectives.

Enjoying an Active Life

When he’s not working, you’ll find Dr Matt teeing off on the golf course, wetting a line on the boat, staying active or looking after his beloved Fremantle CBC football club.

“I look forward to meeting you all and helping you along your journey to better health!”

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