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Meet Our Support Team


Melissa, Practice Manager

Melissa looks forward to welcoming patients of all walks of life into the practice. Her number one goal is to help people on their health journey understand the power of chiropractic care while ensuring they have the best experience possible.

“The amazing positive changes we see in people as they progress are simply incredible!”

When she isn’t in the practice, you can find her playing volleyball and enjoying time with her three-year-old twins.

Sharee, Chiropractic Assistant

Sherie, Chiropractic Assistant

Sherie loves helping patients experience the power of chiropractic care, teaching them how it assists their own body to heal from within. She believes that our bodies are smart and wonderfully made, and can’t wait to help patients see that, too!

“We all need assistance staying on the right track sometimes. Just like a personal trainer pushes you to get the results you want, our team helps you refocus and stay on the health track needed to reach your goals.”

Outside of the practice, she enjoys spending time in nature and at the beach in Mandurah.

Alice, Chiropractic Assistant

AliceAfter coming to the practice for a few months as a patient, Alice became so fascinated with chiropractic and the countless benefits one can achieve from the right kind of chiropractic care. “I knew I wanted to be part of a team whose mutual goal is to help people achieve optimum health and live life to the fullest!”

Before joining our team, Alice worked as a personal banker at ANZ for almost eight years, and is accredited in giving financial advice and 1st tier lending.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Alice’s job is hearing and seeing our patients’ massive transformations, from when they first started their chiropractic journey—to feeling better than ever and enjoying life to the fullest.

When she’s not working, Alice loves camping, paddle boarding and chasing after her little one!

Yasmin, Chiropractic Assistant

YasminYasmin was inspired to become a CA, as she wanted to change her career path to one that would encourage her to make healthier choices for herself. “I wanted to regain my passion and try something completely new.”

When she’s not working, Yasmin loves to sew tote bags made from thrifted materials. She’s taking them to sell at markets. She also loves to play her violin and learn new pieces that challenge her ability. Yasmin has also started stand up paddle boarding and loves to go snorkeling. She is passionate about trying new things and learning new skills!

Originally from the UK, Yasmin played in her local symphony orchestra when she lived there. She thoroughly enjoyed playing in concerts.

Yasmin moved to South Australia in 2020, and in 2022 she moved to WA. She loves living in Australia because of the sunshine and outdoor life.

Amy, Chiropractic Assistant

AmyAs chiropractic care has helped Amy in the past, she was inspired to pursue a career as a CA. She is interested in learning more about this form of natural healthcare. “I love seeing people progress in their health journey, and watching them flourish is rewarding for me.”

With qualifications as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Amy is driven by her dedication to enhancing people’s lives and wellness journey. Amy finds immense fulfillment in witnessing people, especially females build strength, confidence and achieve something they thought was impossible!

In her spare time, Amy takes her dog Malfi for walks. They like to spot dolphins around Mandurah. She also enjoys going on brunch dates with friends and testing out all the local coffee vans.

Helen, Chiropractic Assistant

Helen“I am privileged and super excited to be part of the team at Origin Family Chiropractic!” Helen loves how chiropractic focuses on your health in a bit of a holistic way without any invasive procedures.

Helen has a strong passion for how the body works and its healing capabilities, given the right tools by proactively using exercise, nutrition, low toxicity living, and chiropractic adjustments that help our body achieve its optimal function.

Outside of work, Helen is passionate about reducing her family’s carbon footprint by using solar power and natural cleaning products. She likes to make many of her own products like soap, kitchen wipes, face serums, and perfumes, to name a few and loves clean eating and cooking. She also enjoys Pilates, swimming, spending time with family, friends, and her pets, and utilising social media.

“I look forward to meeting you all and assisting you in your journey to wellbeing!”

Chloe, Chiropractic Assistant

ChloeChloe has always been drawn to the holistic approach of chiropractic care. “Studying chiropractic at Murdoch University has deepened my understanding and passion for this field. Being in my fourth year has expanded my awareness of the numerous benefits chiropractic care can offer for both the body and mind.”

Chloe adores being a part of the Origin Family Chiropractic team. She appreciates the team’s dedication to helping others, which she finds incredibly inspiring. “I eagerly look forward to beginning my journey as a chiropractor and providing care to people.”

Growing up in Geraldton, Chloe has always loved the beach and camping, which she enjoys with her partner whenever she has the chance. “We love being out in the sunshine!”


Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractic Assistant

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