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Providing a Fantastic Experience

New Patients

Origin Family Chiropractic provides an upbeat, positive experience every time you visit us. When you step into our bright, open space, our team is waiting to welcome you. We look forward to meeting you!


Day One

At your first visit, our goal is to gather information. We want to find out what has brought you to our clinic and what you would like to achieve. We’ll take a detailed history of your health and perform a physical examination. Then, you’ll be scheduled for your next visit.

Day Two

When you return, your chiropractor will go through all the findings from your examination. You’ll learn what the cause of your problem is and our recommendations for your care. Your chiropractor will give you your first adjustment.

Attend Our Workshop

We invite all of our new patients to attend our Better Results, Faster workshop. This session will be your third visit to us. You’ll learn more about what we do and how you can regain your health as quickly as possible and maintain it in the future.


If you would like to find out more about us and meet one of our chiropractors, contact us today!


New Patients | Origin Family Chiropractic